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? An Organic Body Lotion for ALL skin types that actually works. Moisturize, revitalize, and energize your skin with a protective layer of truly natural lotion that absorbs easily and has an energizing lemongrass scent. Our body lotion is vegan and GMO-free. It hydrates skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth without the worry of harmful preservatives, sulfates, or parabens. This is an original handcrafted formula created by a small family owned business. Our light creamy formula moisturizes, softens, nourishes, and revitalizes dry, tired skin. No harmful chemicals are used and as always, under our label you are assured of honesty, quality, and the highest production standards. On a daily basis our skin is exposed to toxins, chemical products, chemical detergents (masquerading as soap), and pollution. Our body lotion is your ticket out. Our ingredients are honest, simple, and natural. We use only the freshest ingredients. No harmful chemicals or preservatives. It is for all skin types: oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and combination skin. Our body cream will hydrate, nourish, moisturize, and feed your skin with key essential oils and organic ingredients, leaving it healthy and beautiful. Non-greasy. Won’t leave build up or clog pores. Will not strip or dry your skin, nor make it greasy or oily. Will not sting or irritate. Hypoallergenic. No animal testing. We have worked for 17 years with great care to refine our formulas. What we put into our products is just as important as what we leave out. Satisfaction GUARANTEED or your money back. Our Lotion sells out fast, so click the button at the top of this page to buy now!

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? INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Certified Organic Apricot Prumus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin (Glycerin), Stearic Acid, Emulsifying Wax NF (Vegetable – Made From Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Almond Oil), Certified Organic Citrus Aurantium (Orange) Oil and Certified Organic Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Oil.

? WHAT MAKES OUR BODY LOTION SPECIAL? On a daily basis our skin is exposed to toxins, chemical products, chemical detergents (masquerading as soap), and pollution that are very harmful to your body. Our lotion is a part of the solution. Our moisturizer is gentle, vegan, free of GMOs, and non-toxic. It hydrates, rejuvenates skin, leaving it moisturized, soft, and smooth without the worry of harsh, harmful preservatives, petrochemicals, sulfates, or parabens. Our ingredients are honest, simple, natural.

? GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. EASILY ABSORBS. NOT GREASY: Our body lotion is non-comedogenic (it won’t clog your pores). Goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. Will not leave your skin greasy. Moisturize, revitalize, and energize your skin with a protective layer of truly natural lotion that absorbs easily and has an energizing lemongrass scent. This is an original handcrafted formula created by a small family owned business. Our light, creamy formula softens, nourishes, and revitalizes dry, tired skin.

? MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS. CRUELTY-FREE: Free of allergens, GMOs, gluten, parabens and harmful chemicals. As always, under our label you are assured of honesty, quality, and the highest production standards. It will leave your skin moisturized, smooth, and soft while helping fight off free radicals (the root cause of premature aging). Concentrated. Formulated for deep moisturization and absorption. No fillers, binders. Every ingredient has a beneficial effect on the skin.

? SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We are certain that you will love our body lotion, but if you don’t, or if anything appears unsatisfactory, simply let us know and we will make it right. Our lotion is made using Certified Organic ingredients and no harmful, toxic chemicals. Fights off free radicals, which are the root cause of premature aging. NOTE: WITH EVERY PURCHASE, WE INCLUDE OUR HOW TO GUIDE FOR BASIC SKIN CARE, WHICH CONTAINS TWO DIY RECIPES FOR NATURAL FACIAL MASKS.

? YOU CAN BE BEAUTIFUL AT ANY AGE. YOU DON’T HAVE TO USE CHEMICAL-LADEN COSMETICS, NEEDLES OR SURGERY: Our cream gently and thoroughly moisturizes without stripping, drying, or leaving build-up. Softens, repairs, and reverses damage with natural healing, anti-aging ingredients. Perfect for all skin types. Improves condition of the pores. Hypoallergenic. NO harmful chemicals: NO SLS, SLES, propylene glycol, propylene glycol derivatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance, or preservatives.

41 reviews for Organic Body Lotion – Lemongrass

  1. J.T.

    LOVE this lotion! A few years back I stayed at the Wynn in Vegas and they had this amazing lemon verbena lotion in the bathrooms. Ive not been able to find a lotion that smelled the same until now!!! It’s a delicious and natural smell (I am not a fan of strong perfumes). I put it on yesterday and my hands still feel smooth today. My skin reacts badly to anything not natural or organic so it is definitely organic! VERY happy with this so far!!

  2. E.S.

    Great product and service

  3. A.S.

    I’m a big fan of this moisturizer. It has a nice scent an makes my hands feel silky, which I like. Great stuff! Everything that comes out of Christina Moss is really, really good.

  4. L.S.

    I have normal to dry skin, especially in winter with lower humidity levels. This is a wonderful, lightly-citrus smelling organic lotion that is quite effective. I get so tired of applying lotion, especially to my hands, and just feeling after 15 minutes like I didn’t put anything on. This lotion is effective without being greasy or overly heavy on the skin. I use it conservatively as a little seems to go a long way. I love Aveda lotions and this one is better.

  5. S.W.

    I have been using Cetaphil as recommended by my dermatologist for many years. Tried out this lotion because its organic and it is 1000% times better. The scent is mild but pleasant and your skin actually stays hydrated all day (even for me living in the desert).

  6. N.K.

    Overall this is a very nice body lotion. I like the smell and the texture. I give it 4 stars because for me it doesn’t moisturize enough. I think this will be excellent during the summer.

  7. T.J.

    Excellent lotion! I’m very picky when it comes to putting anything on my skin I don’t want nasty chemicals in my lotion Christina Moss uses organic safe ingredients that make my skin feel smooth and it smells great too!!

  8. M.G.

    I have severely chapped hands and very dry, tight. ashy skin on my legs. I am very happy with this lotion,and LOVE that its main ingredient is Aloe Vera. It is soothing, non irritating, and is very creamy/silky to apply,leaving my hands feeling fresh and able to still handle keys, doorknobs, steering wheel, etc. in the morning. My skin feels instant relief and just drinks in the nutritious moisture. The lemongrass aroma is uplifting and fresh, yet non-obtrusive (doesn’t bother my smell-sensitive hubby). This is one product my skin seems to crave – i have had it less than a week, but use it more frequently than any product I have tried ( probably have 10+ other products on and around my night stand that languish there because either they don’t help or smell too strong etc) because this one makes my skin feel so much better. And I have no worries about toxins that will make my skin worse, I have come to trust this brand for high quality and effective natural/organic body care(I love the shampoo and especially the conditioner, which they have, sadly, been out of for a long time) – I am so happy they have come out with this! Will definitely buy again.

  9. A.M.

    I used this organic lotion after a hot shower. It rubs in nicely and the texture is divine. Highly recommend this for anyone with dry skin or living in dry climates.

  10. J.M.

    This lotion is a MUST BUY! This lotion is not greasy or too thick. I have tried so many products recently that “cure” dry skin with no relief. This organic lotion has proved to work so well on my skin. The light fresh lemongrass scent is just a clean feel.

  11. Ann

    I live in a super dry climate and my skin gets mildly itchy and just a little uncomfortable so I have been asking for and waiting for this product for a long time. Thank you for listening! Now I have been using it for a week and my skin is really smooth and moisturized. No more itchiness. Love all your stuff! Keep them coming. Are you planning on making bath bombs?

  12. Ed

    I love this body lotion! I have been looking for a non oily body lotion and this works perfectly, leaves my skin so nice and smooth. I really like that it’s truly organic.

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