Tea Tree Oil – 1OZ – 100% Pure Organic From Australia

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EXTRACTED BY STEAM DISTILLATION: Caution: This product is the real deal and is full strength at time of manufacture. It is for external use only. Dilute with an organic carrier oil before direct application to the skin.

Contains only 100% Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil from Australia.

AROMA: Medicinal, fresh, woody, herbaceous and earthy.

MANY USES: When used correctly, Christina Moss Naturals Organic Tea Tree Oil has powerful and undeniable benefits.

FREE eMANUAL: Comes with a FREE 20 page eManual written by Christina Moss, giving uses and benefits and DIY recipes for your use at home.



Our Tea Tree Oil is a centuries old remedy that has powerful healing properties which can aide in eliminating many ailments from bad breath to body odor, dandruff & fungus. Tea Tree Oil is known for boosting the immune system and helping to fight infections like bug bites, rosacea and psoriasis. It can also be used in combination with household cleaners to boost their effectiveness and minimize chemical exposure to yourself and your family. We have included a FREE 20 page manual which covers many uses. As with anything, there is a difference in quality from product to product. Our Tea Tree Oil is the highest-grade Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil from Australia. As such our product works well for most people’s skin, when properly used. Whether you have normal, dry, oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin, the calming results from our Tea Tree Oil can make a big difference. You also have our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Our Tea Tree Oil contains NO harmful chemicals whatsoever and is excellent for long lasting health & balance. The concentrated formula means only a few drops on a cotton pad is enough for most people. Each bottle is recyclable. This is a vegan product of purely organic Tea Tree Oil. It hasn’t been diluted with anything else. NO TOXIC CHEMICALS. It is calming and clearing, FREE of gluten, soy, GMOs, parabens, chemical preservatives, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances, fillers, binders, additives, colorants and harmful petrochemicals. To your health and happiness!

SKIN DEEP: Tea Tree oil is an anti-inflammatory known for boosting your own immune system by triggering the activity of white blood cells thus handling infection and inflammation from minor cuts, burns and other such injuries. Can be applied directly or as part of a dressing. With its antimicrobial properties, it has also been known to aid with acne, rosacea, psoriasis and toe, nail and foot fungus. It’s also why people have used it to handle mold and added it to their household cleaners.

STOP BUGGING ME: Bugs bite. And sting. Both of which penetrate our bodies first and greatest defense, leading to infections, itchiness, redness and swelling. Aside from being bothersome, the germs they carry can also be harmful. Tea Tree oil not only fights the infection but it relieves the itchiness and redness by reducing the effects of histamines released by the body to combat the insect’s saliva. It has also been reported to be effective against ringworm and even lice and their eggs.

INHALE AND BREATHE EASY: The Aborigines were the first to use this efficacious plant and they did so by burning and inhaling the extracted oil, leveling coughs, sore throats, the flu and aiding with other respiratory conditions. The woody aroma also has a soothing effect, helping with muscle aches. Today, many people use humidifies or diffusers to enjoy the same benefits that the Native Australians discovered thousands of years ago. Note: can also help with toothaches and ear infections.

BEAUTY BLEMISHES: We all want our skin to be bright, beautiful and blemish free. An industrious goal which can be helped with Tea Tree Oil. Warts, Skin Tags, Boils and even Cold Sores have all been aided with the use of this oil. But not all products are the same. SO WHY CHOOSE OURS? It’s designed to do one thing – get results. Ours is certified 100% Pure, Organic, Australian Tea Tree Oil. Extracted by Steam Distillation and is full strength at time of manufacture. Safe for Women, Men, Kids.

3 reviews for Tea Tree Oil – 1OZ – 100% Pure Organic From Australia

  1. Kasi Bern

    The oil smells delicious and fresh and far superior from other TTO I have used in the past. My question would be after reading reviewer MS claims above she put a drop of TTO without diluting the oil directly onto her skin, yet the directions say to use a carrier oil. Therefore I am curious. I have a small jar of organic Jojoba oil as a carrier and would like to mix it with the TTO. What would be the best ratio? Thanks.

    • Kenny Davies

      Kenny Davies

      Hi Kasi, Thank you very much for the question. It is not recommended to use straight EO on skin. A safe guideline is to use 2% essential oil to a carrier oil. I hope this helps.

  2. M.S.

    Great quality tea tree oil! Already love her face cream. This is so pure I can use a drop straight on my skin. Great results and top quality product! M.S.

  3. T.I.

    I’m in love with this product! I buy tea tree oil all the time and this brand by far the best quality I have tried. Since i use tea tree oil on my body and not in a defuser, I can only use the best of the best and I found my new go to. Highly recommended and will definitely buy again! T.I.

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